The statutes

The Statutes for the association SVEG –
Scandinavian Viking Explorer Group.



§ 1 The association role
Scandinavian Viking Explorer Group - abbreviated SVEG - is the a nonprofit organization with the purpose of studying, documenting and communicating ourhistory, with particular focus on the Viking and Middle Ages.

The association will, as far as opportunities, assist and support research andvarious projects and the preservation of ancient monuments. One goal is to convey knowledge and spread interest in our history with a focus on human living conditions, culture and technology. The association shall promote the information reaches the public in the form of exhibitions, documentaries, lectures, films, etc.

As an association we are not authorized to independently make excavations andsurveys. We therefore work together with institutions that are authorized by thePreservation authorities to carry out archaeological fieldwork.

§ 2 The association consists of individual paying members, member families and honorary members.
To honorary member, is persons and companies selected, who in an extraordinary terms benefited the association. Honorary members are elected at the annual meeting of the Board.

§ 3 Members which do not pay the membership fee after written reminder is excluded from the association.

§ 4 Annual Meeting is to be held no later than the month of March for the fiscal year accrued.

§ 5 The association's agenda is dealt with by the board consisting of a chairman and five permanent members.. Chairman of the Board appointed members and deputies are electedin the Association at the annual meeting.
The Board appoints two vice-chairman and appoints from among its members a secretary and a treasurer.
Responsible for the association's working groups should be included as deputies to the Board.

§ 6 The association appoints an auditor and a deputy.

§ 7 The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer is elected for a term of two years. Other board members with deputies and of the association appointed auditor with deputy is chosen for a term of one year.

§ 8 The Board is thoroughly responsible for association's activities and equipment as well as the association's funds and accounts.
To draw up the board- and management report and accounts for the previous working year, to submit these for the association's auditors for approval no later than three weeks before the annual meeting.
Covering the period January 1 - December 31.

§ 9 The auditors is incumbent to deliver at the annual meeting the audit report forthe previous financial year.
The report shall be rejected or approved from freedom from liability.

§ 10 The secretary is incumbent to bring the board and the association's records.
Minutes shall be approved by the chairman at the next meeting.

§ 11 Cash Manager is incumbent to keep complete records of the association's finances, which will be consolidated in the financial statements for the working year.
Cash Manager executes the association payments.

§ 12 The Board meets on convocation by its President.
The Board forms a quorum when at least three members are present. The Chairman has the casting vote.

§ 13 Notice of annual meeting shall be at least 14 days before the meeting.
At the annual meeting, the following matters:
1. Election of Chairman to lead the annual meeting proceedings.
2. Election of secretary to keep annual meeting minutes.
3. The issue of the Annual Meeting are statutory announced.
4. Election of two attestators who in addition to the chairman shall adjust the annual meeting of the protocol.
5. The Board's annual report and financial report for the fiscal year.
6. The auditors' report.
7. The issue of freedom from liability to the Board. 
8. Election of Chairman and Board members and alternates for the coming fiscal year.
9. Election of auditors and deputy.
10. Election of three members of the Nominating Committee for the Annual Meeting along with the appointment of the convener.
11. Determination of membership.
12. Consideration of proposals brought by the Board or to the Board filed by the association members at least four days before the annual meeting.

§ 14 Decision on the association's termination is not valid unless the decision is taken by two consecutive meetings of the associations annual meetings or an extra association meeting.
Suggestions for termination must be supported by at least 75% of those voting to be valid.
At the association's termination goes to the society's assets primarily the foundation or museums witch are located at the Falsterbo peninsula and conduct business with the same objectives as the association. At second hand, the association's assets falls Malmö Maritime Museum.

§ 15 The Association's members take no share or interest in the association's assets.
Finds made ​​in conjunction with the Association's activities are governed by the Antiquities Act. All stray finds of historic and prehistoric character, not under the Antiquities Act, shall be assigned according to museum board's decision. Other findings made ​​in conjunction with the Association's activities goes to the association unless the Board determines otherwise.
The association owns the full rights to all photos and video  material from the association's activities, and can freely used in conjunction with information and marketing, without the need for reimbursement to the author. The association strives that all materials are used in a scientifically correct manner.
The board may negotiate with individuals, foundations or companys on production of documentary material, film, etc.

§ 16 Association members have with the entry in the association acknowledged these statutes as legally binding.