Become a volunteer

What is a volunteer?

A volunteer is simply a person who is so interested in his speciality that he or she are willing to spend time, commitment and work with self-satisfaction as the only reward.

Do you want to be a volunteer at the Museum of Foteviken?

You are interested in Vikings and the Viking age and would like to live and work in a historical setting. While not required, it is a plus if you are outgoing, enjoy acting and role playing or are theatrical. The Viking town  offers an unparalleled chance to enjoy those interests. If you are interested in old crafts you will get an excellent chance to learn and practice with us. Socializing with like-minded people in the Viking town can be very stimulating and satisfying.

The Viking Town

Fotevikens Museum with its Viking Town is a so-called Archaeo­logical Open Air Museum, meaning the Viking town is built with archaeological finds as a template and historical sources as a basis. Here the inhabitants live according to the contemporary viking age standards to create a credible time travel experience for our visitors.

The Viking town lives in the year 1138 AD, a time of transition between the Viking Age and Middle Ages. A few years earlier, the Battle of Foteviken took place. Now the dead are buried and the marketplace has evolved into a town. Re-enactors from all over the world come here each year to recreate the battle of Foteviken for a few days during the Foteviken Viking week.
As a volunteer, you will help to populate the town and bring to life the daily life of a Viking town to the visitors of the museum, not only to the general public, but also for the visiting school classes.

We also need the help of our volunteers with various other tasks dur­ing the summer and especially during the Viking Week and the Viking market, which always takes place the week after Midsummer.

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